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Happy New Year!!! – 2012 in review


Gratitude to the Almighty that we have made it to this new year…hopefully, 2013 holds more treasures for us all. Many thanks to our dedicated team and supporters. Our esteemed customers, retailers and media partners, we say a big THANK YOU! You all made it possible.

Below is the annual report of 2012 and we believe you all deserve to know all the hits of the year! Do read, share and leave your comments.

Once again…thank you!

*cheers* to a new year!!




The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,700 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 5 years to get that many views.


Total No. of Posts: 17

No. of Pictures Uploaded: 108

Busiest Blog Day: March 21st (162 views)

Blog Post of March 21st: Anniversary Sales!!! (awooooooooooof! lol)


1. LPM March Edition – IN PICTURES

2. SPOTTED: Fade Ogunro in MMC

3. SPOTTED: MM @ the HipHop World Awards

4. SPOTTED: MM @ Nigerian Idols

5. Anniversary Sales!!!







Here’s the interesting part….:D


Total Countries: 40 (for real??!!!)

1. United Kingdom – 1,210

2. Nigeria – 567

3. United States – 219

4. Benin Republic – 40

5. Canada – 34

6. South Africa – 29

7. Tanzania – 29

8. Iceland – 28

9. France – 24

10. Ghana – 22

Other Parts of Africa (Congo, Angola & Kenya) – 27

Middle East & Asia (Saudi Arabia, India, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Turkey) – 15

Europe (Italy, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Australia) – 33

WOW! Isn’t it amazing the diverse audience that MariamMoussa has? …Thank you all!

What an amazing year 2012 was…lets do it BIGGER in 2013. Wherever you are, let us hear your suggestions and comments…how can WE grow together? 🙂


Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!



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Hello Fashionistas!!

Great News! You can actually get to see all that amazing stuff that you will be coming to shop at the BILQUE, FEMME VERTUEUSE and MARIAMMOUSSA stall at Lagos’ fashion extravaganza – Le Petit Marche.

By posting some mouth-watering pictures here, we have decided to offer FREE DELIVERY** on all MariamMoussa purchases over N5000.That’s not all…you also get an whooping 5% discount on all FEMME VERTUEUSE shoes ordered online. What are you waiting for???! LET THE SHOPPING BEGIN!!!








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3x the FUN this LPM!!!

Hello Fashionistas!

Its that time of the year again!! Great Deals, Sales, Massive Discounts are a girl’s best friend (don’t argue, just accept it :p). This time, its even better!!!

3 brands…

1 stall…

1 venue…

YESSSSS! At your favourite shopping extravaganza; Le Petite Marche (July Edition), Bilque (Funke Agbaje), Femme Vertueuse (Kike Akinola) and MariamMoussa (yours truly) will be retailing amazing pieces. From hot shoes to power accessories, this edition promises to be like NEVER BEFORE.

More details and pictures coming soon.


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MM Ensemble – Hit or Miss?

Hello fashion lovers!

Another exciting post…

Many a times wearing a designer’s ensemble or simply put, ‘head-to-toe’ of a particular designer label is considered ‘faux pas’ (that’s what they say). Well, lets see how our very own muse; Alero, did when she pulled of this minimal ensemble – the MM plaited hairband and the MM multi-print bulb dress from the summer 2010  ‘versatile’ collection. Hit or Miss?




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MariamMoussa TREND – ‘Plaits’

Hello fashion lovers,

Since the summer of 2010, this label has been retailing the plaited print neck and hair pieces. 2 years down the line, it is still a wave yet to loose its crave.


Lets take a look at what plaited MariamMoussa accessories you’ve been rocking lately…ENJOY!




Rock the plaited neck piece like Zainab both on the neck and the waist










source: FashionPhoenix06


Rock it like Onyinye – on the wrist

Whether its worn on the neck, head, waist or wrist, you’ve gotta love the versatility of the trend!…so what are you waiting for?…:D

Hope u enjoyed this…XOXO




Image Source: Individuals and

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As told by Bella Naija

Hello People,

Been a while. So much has gone down since I’ve been away. Lets start off at the pictures that landed MariamMoussa on The camera just could not resist our beautiful pieces from the MariamMoussa Add-On Boutique during the March Edition of Le Petit Marche; monthly retail event in Lagos.












Hope you enjoyed it…many more to come hopefully!

Till next time,XOXO,


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The MariamMoussa Encomium Feature

Hello People!

Major good news for the first half of the year! o yes! Our very own Hauwa Ojeifo was featured in this week’s edition of Encomium Weekly (22nd March); leading Nigerian soft-sell journal. In the interview, the Creative Director/Head Designer of MariamMoussa Creations revealed her love for prints and her vision for the brand. Definitely a must-have edition.

Encomium Feature

Make a date with your vendor… 😀

Glory to God and a big thank you to the entire MariamMoussa fam – friends,fans,partners,staff and clients. Special thanks to Titi Reju; it just couldn’t happen without you.

God bless you all!



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