“First ‘cut’ is the Deepest”

18 Sep

One of the reasons why I love the idea of a blog is that I can pretty much share anything I want with my readers. Today,I’m sharing something special…and no,it isn’t the song.

When the idea to rebrand what was once “M & M Fashion” was being conceived, we had already begun taking orders. During that period, my cousin approached me to make a statement piece for a wedding,so we got to work. Finding elements to make the piece look simple yet stand out was a bit stressful…my first challenge began.

I think it took a whole weekend for us to come up with a sketch that she was willing to go with.

First Impression: This is a simple dress!…till you’re told that those colours are tiny little buttons!yea,thought so too.

There was so much excitement in the sewing process- from going to the market to shop for fabrics,sewing accessories;buttons(p.s Igbo boys in the market make it worthwhile *rme*!) . I remember vividly how I underestimated the cost and time of execution of this piece;stayed in the workshop till about 8pm while my dad kept calling my cell to come home to prepare dinner… *whew*

The result…

After the ‘wahala’ of hand sewing over a hundred buttons on this piece, the result was worth it! Any designer can testify to the feeling they get when their work is executed beautifully!…and yes,this piece will always remain dear to me *sobs*

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do leave comments.


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