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Etisalat 3G: MariamMoussa Presentation

Yet another good news!

Today, at the Silverbird Cinemas, Etisalat will be launching its 3G network – come experience SPEED as MariamMoussa Creations presents its “Declaration of Independence” collection.

Time : 12noon – 6pm.

Bookings and Inquiries can be made right there! With the independence start up sales just commencing,be sure that this is a perfect opportunity to view and order the pieces conveniently! Come 4:30pm,the runway will be ours!

Spread the word and come with family and friends!


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08/09/10 – The official ‘Versatile’ Lookbook 2010


Pleased to announce that the MariamMoussa Spring/Summer 2012 officially launched on the 21/09/11. The collection is exclusive to 360nobs. Check it out here –

In the meantime, I’ll like to share the official pictures of the last collection. ENJOY!


Front View


Back View




The 'Kekere' Dress


The Butterfly Effect - Front View


The Butterfly Effect - Back View


The 'Madam' Piece


Meet the models:

L-R: Alero, Christiana and Jane

Hope you enjoyed the post. Do leave your comments.

Yours truly,



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Independence Start-Up Sales

Hello People!

As of today to the 1st of October,2011,MariamMoussa Creations officially starts its declaration of independence start-up sales offer.yayyy!but wait;it gets better!

For any one piece in the collection ( ), previous customers get a 20% discount and new customers get a 15% discount.So HURRY!!

Make an 80% deposit for any piece of your choice to ensure a valid order for this promo! Call 08073168670 or 08038615641 or mail us at . Also follow us on twitter @_MariamMoussa …

Yours truly,

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BEHIND THE SCENES: The ‘Versatile’ Lookbook 2010

Finally!I got a photographer!…don’t get too excited,he disappointed! *whew* This time, everything was really in place; stylist,models,make up, accessories, even a car to take us to the location…but no photographer!The shoot just had to work out “today”!!!

I’m guessing that over a hundred broadcasts were sent out for a photographer who could get to the prep location in less than 2 hours. Thank God for IT!…and we did get,however,I had to pay the ‘price’. Shoot began and the tension eased off slowly as I saw my pieces so radiant at the location…Finally!!!

We had so much fun,as you can see… 😀

Stylist at Work

My friend Dayo, the photographer's assistant and I

...with Helen

...with model; Jane

I'm short, i know 😀

There's a reason its called 'BEHIND the Scenes',lol!

The Stylist; Onyinye Fafi Obi


The Photographer; Obi Somto

And its a wrap! Say hello to the whole crew….

The Crew!



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MEMORY LANE: Sample Shoot

Hello People!!

Since the last posts have pretty much been on the happenings at the inception of MariamMoussa (2010), thought it’ll be great I went down memory lane once more…the first shoot!

I have to admit, I did not know much when i entered the fashion industry; all the ‘underG’ that went on, I was completely ignorant, but I was not afraid to try. So, when I made my first set of clothes…I called them my collection. LOL that just sounds wrong! Truth be told, it did not take much planning! I had about 200 sketches andIi started selecting which. Anyways, I perceived that the next step was to have a photo shoot,so I did! I inquired about an upcoming make-up artist through my facebook friends(which worked out well), and I tried getting a photographer; they all had ridiculous prices! So I told my co-owner/sister, “Abegi, let’s do this thing by ourselves”,I got her default response “Abi naaa”! *sigh*

Some of our friends were aspiring models,so it all fell into place…please don’t ask who did the photography! X_X

Here are the pictures:

Make Up Artist at work

Gotta admit, the MUA did a good job!

Make up on model; Alero

Proudly Nigerian

Sample Butterfly Effect

Back then,this was a fantastic background...X_X

Ok that’s about what I can share for now. For more, check out our first feature and interview with these pieces here —

Hope you enjoyed the post!




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“First ‘cut’ is the Deepest”

One of the reasons why I love the idea of a blog is that I can pretty much share anything I want with my readers. Today,I’m sharing something special…and no,it isn’t the song.

When the idea to rebrand what was once “M & M Fashion” was being conceived, we had already begun taking orders. During that period, my cousin approached me to make a statement piece for a wedding,so we got to work. Finding elements to make the piece look simple yet stand out was a bit stressful…my first challenge began.

I think it took a whole weekend for us to come up with a sketch that she was willing to go with.

First Impression: This is a simple dress!…till you’re told that those colours are tiny little buttons!yea,thought so too.

There was so much excitement in the sewing process- from going to the market to shop for fabrics,sewing accessories;buttons(p.s Igbo boys in the market make it worthwhile *rme*!) . I remember vividly how I underestimated the cost and time of execution of this piece;stayed in the workshop till about 8pm while my dad kept calling my cell to come home to prepare dinner… *whew*

The result…

After the ‘wahala’ of hand sewing over a hundred buttons on this piece, the result was worth it! Any designer can testify to the feeling they get when their work is executed beautifully!…and yes,this piece will always remain dear to me *sobs*

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do leave comments.


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Welcome Note


Welcome to the new official MariamMoussa blog. Do read our  profile to know more about us. With this blog, the brand will foster better customer relationship management as well as regular updates.

Day-to-day activities on this label; styling,custom designs,couture,collections,fashion shows,events,presentations,shoots and much more will be published here. Your comments,inquiries,criticisms and forums will be highly welcome.

Feel free to suggest ways to better this medium.


— Ojeifo, Hauwa

Head Designer, Creative Director

MariamMoussa Creations.

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